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Exodus Recovery Skills

20-week programme, 12 modules.

Small group session once per week.

Maximum 12 participants.

Safe space for discussion and reflection.

Topic modules provided, written tasks.

Cost-effective alternative to Primary Care treatment.

Innovative and high-quality outpatient curriculum.

Solid foundation for meaningful, sustainable recovery.

Education, reflection, and practical application.

Resolution orientated.

Development of a new recovery-based identity.

For those in recovery and supporters alike.

Internationally accessible - online groups available.

Check out the modules:

The ERS Journey
Comprehending Addiction
Navigating Recovery
Life Recovery Planning
Tackling Triggers
Exploring Emotional Intelligence
Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
Mapping Your Mind
Coping with Cravings
Maintaining Mooring Lines
Working on Self-Worth
Watching for Warning Signs
Attitude of Gratitude
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